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Thanks for stopping by the Bend Summer Festival!

July 21, 2016


I want to give a big thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Bend Summer Festival recently! We really enjoyed meeting so many people who are engaged in the community and who are actively supporting the NEWGEN Geothermal Energy project.

It’s been great seeing support for geothermal energy research and development grow over the years in Central Oregon. I’ve been helping staff our festival booth every summer since 2012, and it never fails to impress me how interested and engaged our local community is. As a Bend local, I really appreciate each and every one of you who have reached out to ask us questions, get an update on the project, and voice your support.

We’d like to thank the local, state, and national representatives who have already endorsed the project. Their continued support is essential to the success of NEWGEN Geothermal Energy. Check out our website to see a current list of representatives who have already endorsed the project.

And while we know you’ve already found us here on our blog page, please follow, like, and share our Facebook and Twitter accounts!

About the Author
Kyla Grasso is a Geologist with AltaRock Energy and serves on the Technical and Communications and Outreach teams for NEWGEN.

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