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Looking Ahead at Newberry EGS Demonstration

January 28, 2014
Frozen over except where hot springs bubble to the surface and warm the water, East Lake on Newberry Volcano quietly waits for summer visitors to return.

Frozen over except where hot springs bubble to the surface and warm the water, East Lake on Newberry Volcano quietly waits for summer visitors to return.

We’ve wrapped up and winterized the Newberry EGS field site for the coming months, and with that in mind we wanted to fill you in on the results of last field season’s well logging activities and AltaRock’s plans for future work to keep the project moving forward.

Analysis of the 2012 stimulation results indicated that further stimulation of the reservoir would be needed to ensure the reservoir is large enough to be economically viable. Next summer, we’ll rig up the injection pumps used during stimulation last year and re-stimulate to increase the size of the deep reservoir.

During re-stimulation, we’ll continually monitor microseismic activity just like we did in 2012, keeping within our permitted boundaries for pressure, volume, microseismic activity and fracture propagation boundaries. Once the EGS reservoir encompasses an economically viable volume of hot rock, we’ll plan for and drill a production well into the reservoir and complete for flow and circulation tests between the two wells. Our goal is to complete the, re-stimulation and planning for the production well by the end of fall, 2014.

Over the coming months, AltaRock staff will be busy further analyzing data, presenting research results at scientific conferences, and working with the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Department of Energy on plans for next year’s field work. Since no more field work will be taking place until spring, we don’t expect to post many updates over the next few months. Please check back in the spring to see what’s happen at the Newberry EGS Demonstration site!

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  1. January 31, 2014 7:54 am

    You’ve got the whole world in your hands. Here in Newport, home of NOAA and HMSC, we’ve got ocean and atmospheric scientists who are further documenting humankind’s carbon loading of the atmosphere and our oceans. We don’t have much time to turn things around. Should injection geothermal be a major player in providing future green energy, we’re likely to still be required to device technologies to remove CO2 and bicarbonate from our air and oceans. It’s quite a race. KEEP GOING!!!! We’re counting on your folks!!


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