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StaffBio: Yoda

August 2, 2013

Meet Yoda: A mostly Jack Russell Terrier. At the age of 5, he was adopted 3 years ago from the Seattle Humane Society.

A day in the life of an office dog:

Originally an illegal worker in the Seattle office, Yoda spent his first few days hiding the drawers of Yini Nordin’s desk until he was discovered by AltaRock President Susan Petty and offered a full-time job as a receptionist.

Yoda loves his job, taking it seriously as he roams from office to office implementing the dog petting therapy treatment and making sure everyone is relaxed and happy. If you visit our Seattle office, he will most likely be the first one to greet you.

Yoda’s role in the Newberry EGS Demonstration:

In 2012, Yoda was given the task of field assistant, keeping Yini company during the 4 months they spent at Newberry. He embraced his new role exuberantly, meeting fellow field dogs, running in the snow with glee and packing on the pounds from snack table handouts. The 2013 field season is scheduled to start in a few weeks, and once it does Yoda will be back at Newberry as a full-time field assistant.


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