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EGS Participant Bio: Kyla Grasso

March 27, 2013

Kyla GrassoKyla Grasso joined the AltaRock Energy team as a Geologist in June, 2012, and since then has been actively involved with field work at the Newberry EGS project site.

Background and Introduction to Geothermal Energy

Kyla holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Maine and a B.S. in Geology from Oregon State University. Her undergraduate thesis work involved characterizing the fault system at Newberry Volcano, and when AltaRock offered her a field position working on the Newberry EGS site, she was thrilled. “The opportunity to continue working on active research at Newberry was really exciting,” she said of accepting her current position with AltaRock.

Role in the demonstration

Kyla has been involved with most aspects of field work at the Newberry EGS Demonstration site. Her first task with AltaRock was to oversee the drilling of the MSA boreholes and help with installing the microseismic array equipment. During the stimulation, Kyla was involved with seismic monitoring and reporting, equipment maintenance and daily site activities.

Her continued involvement in groundwater monitoring at the project site means she’s spent the winter months snowshoeing and collecting water samples for analysis.  Kyla says she’s enjoyed the ups and downs of seeing things coming together at Newberry, and is looking forward to another field season in 2013.

Why she joined the geothermal industry

Kyla joined the geothermal industry because to her it represents one of the best possible solutions in the balancing act between human need and consumption, and the necessity of protecting the environment. “While we can’t erase our footprint on the Earth completely, the development of economically viable EGS could reduce the negative effects of our impact significantly. By reducing the number of fossil fuel fired power plants and replacing them with lower impact facilities, EGS could play an important role in how we think about energy use, efficiency and dependence. Seeing central Oregon become a forefront in the development of EGS technology is exciting.”

Outside of the demonstration

Kyla’s interests include road biking, hiking with her dog, wilderness rescue and trail running.

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