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EGS Participant Bio: Matt Uddenberg

March 13, 2013

Read Matt’s account of the 2013 Stanford Geothermal Workshop here.

Matt Uddenberg joined AltaRock as an intern in 2012. His job primarily entails computer programming for live visualization software development and other applications, although he’s also been known to work on seismic monitoring equipment installation and various other tasks to keep things moving forward at the project site.

Background and Introduction to Geothermal Energy

Matt was introduced to the industry while working with a geothermal well drilling operation at the Coso Geothermal Field near Owens Lake, California. “The first time I saw a well being flow tested I was amazed and captivated. It seemed incredible that one could tap into such an incredible and sustained power.” After completing his graduate work at the University of Texas, Matt was recruited to the AltaRock team for his skills and experience in the industry.

Enjoying the Newberry Demonstration Project

“I really enjoyed developing my programming skills and creating the Human Machine Interface and data visualization software. I also thoroughly enjoyed ratcheting more bolts than I can remember into their respective places.”

What’s on his resume?

Matt holds a B.S. in Earth Science from the University of California at Santa Cruz and an M.A. in Earth and Energy Resources from the University of Texas, Austin. He’s also worked as a mud logger for geothermal well drilling, served as an Environmental Geophysics Technician and been a Research Assistant for the Bureau of Economic Geology in Austin, Texas.

In his free time

Matt enjoys writing, traveling, hiking, playing the occasional soccer game and seeing live music when he can.

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