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Summary of EGS Stimulation

January 24, 2013

All microseismicity from EGS reservoir creation.

Welcome Back!  With serious winter weather at the site, demobilization of equipment that took months to mobilize, and the holidays, we fell behind on the blog entries.  Now that we have recovered,  we want to give a quick overview of how things turned out.

1. On November 26th we finally got all the problems with the stimulation pumps ironed out and returned to full operating capacity.  Shortly after, we injected TZIM (thermo-degradable zonal isolation material) and witnessed about a 50% reduction in flow into the formation, as the TZIM plugged up flow zones in the well.  Then as we increased the pressure, flow and microseismicity increased again as new  fractures in the wellbore were enhanced.

2. We injected more TZIM on December 3rd, and again watched flow decrease due to blocking previously enhanced zones. Again flow increased as the third stimulation zone was created.  We stimulated  zone 3  until December 7th when we turned off the pumps.

3. The final EGS reservoir as defined by the microseismicity (yellow dots on map) eventually reached a dimension of about 2 x 1 km (6600×3300 ft). We injected about 11 million gallons or 34 acre-ft, half the water that we expected to use.

We are now analyzing all the data that we collected and planning for the next field season.  We will also be getting back into the swing of blogging.  We will soon provide more details of what we experienced (besides the cold and snow) and what we are learning over the winter and spring.

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