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BLM Announces Finding of No Significant Impact for Newberry EGS Demonstration

April 10, 2012

Having conducted a formal Environmental Assessment of the Newberry EGS Demonstration, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has granted the project a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) under the National Environmental Policy Act.

“Securing this authorization is a critical achievement for the Newberry EGS team having met national environmental policy and goals for the protection, maintenance and enhancement of the environment,” said Doug Perry, president and CEO of Davenport Newberry. “We are impressed with the BLM, Forest Service and Department of Energy’s efforts in conducting a comprehensive review and pleased with their ultimate approval. I am grateful to everyone who worked to reach this goal and look forward to implementing Phase II of the project.”

Read AltaRock’s complete public statement.

Read the BLM’s official FONSI announcement.

Read the DOE’s official FONSI announcement.

Next Steps

The BLM’s FONSI announcement affirms that the project will not significantly affect the quality of the human or natural environment. It allows AltaRock to move forward from the recently-completed Phase 1 of the project into Phase 2. We will continue to provide project updates, explanations, and information as our work continues.

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