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AltaRock’s Reflections from the Stanford Geothermal Workshop

March 8, 2012

Seven scientists and engineers from AltaRock recently attended the 37th annual Stanford Geothermal Workshop held at sunny Stanford University in northern California. The Stanford Geothermal Workshop is a relatively small, technically-focused conference.

The Rise of EGS

This year, we were struck by just how high-profile EGS has now become. Of the conference’s 160 presentations (the most ever), 36 presentations in 9 separate sessions were about EGS. This includes three papers from AltaRock staff, including an update on the Newberry project.


Another takeaway from the event was the particular devotion to transparency shared by the conference organizers and attendees. Here is a line from the opening paper, presented by Stanford’s Roland N. Horne:

“Based on the philosophy of making results and ideas available widely to the geothermal community, the Proceedings of the Workshop have been distributed internationally since the beginning of the event.”

-Roland N. Horne

Sharing our experience and knowledge with the scientific and geothermal community is an important goal of the Newberry EGS project. In addition to the Stanford workshop in 2011 and 2012, we have presented project updates and plans at meetings of the Geothermal Resource Council (2010, 2011), the American Geophysical Union (2010, 2011), the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (2011), and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (2011).

Read Papers From the Conference

The 2012 program from the Stanford Geothermal Workshop is available online here; from this site, you can also download papers if you wish to learn more.

We’ll soon be posting a synopsis of the Newberry EGS Demonstration paper that was presented at the workshop, so check back next week. Or visit for more information about the demonstration.


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