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Student Involvement in the Newberry EGS Demonstration

August 12, 2011

Projects like the Newberry EGS Demonstration are essential to creating a greener, more independent energy future in the U.S. That future will require an increase in the innovative technologies being developed domestically, as well as an increase in the number of skilled professionals who make such technology their prime focus.

To support the latter, AltaRock Energy and Davenport Power are engaging with students and the academic community wherever possible throughout the course of the demonstration.

Collaborating With Schools and Universities

Faculty and advanced-degree students from U.C. Berkeley, the University of Utah Energy and Geoscience Institute, Texas A&M, and Temple University are directly involved with the research assistance for the demonstration itself. AltaRock and the Department of Energy are also supporting projects involving students from Oregon State University and other interested schools.

Promoting Public Energy Literacy

Public education and outreach are important to both the Newberry EGS Demonstration and the future of alternative energy. AltaRock is currently preparing informational kiosks for the Lava Lands Visitor Center and Paulina Lake Visitor Center to help guest and visitors understand the process and purpose of the demonstration.

The video above encapsulates both student outreach and public education. Last summer, AltaRock’s Will Osborn sat down with students Grace Chen of Saint Francis High School and Max Martinez of Valley Christian High School. Their summer internship explored alternative energy technologies in the San Francisco Bay Area and culminated in the video below. Congratulations to Grace and Max on their award-winning video! Their hard work will serve to encourage other young people to pursue futures in alternative energy and other innovative technologies.



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