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A New Model for Energy Independence

July 15, 2011

This month, the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA) released the results of a nation-wide study of Canada’s geothermal resources. The data shows a huge potential for geothermal development, which could help make cleaner, domestic power more affordable and more accessible across North America.

The research found natural geothermal resources to be widespread across the Canadian landscape, providing numerous potential locations for development. One particular finding stands out in relation to AltaRock Energy’s work with Enhanced Geothermal Systems:

“Canada has significant potential for EGS, development; as few as 100 projects could meet a significant fraction of Canada’s base load energy needs.”

This conclusion is exactly in step with the potential that EGS presents in the U.S. A landmark MIT study, which first brought EGS to mainstream awareness in 2007, suggested that EGS could provide 10% of the United States’ electricity within 50 years if the technology were properly developed.

Geothermal power is a clean, efficient, domestic, reliable, and consistent source of energy. EGS takes those benefits and makes them even more accessible by expanding the places in which geothermal heat can be harnessed and turned into power. As this most recent study shows, the opportunities for energy independence are far more prevalent than current energy production statistics would suggest. The Newberry EGS Demonstration and projects like it are essential illustrations of a new way of creating energy in North America and worldwide.

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