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AltaRock Energy and Davenport Newberry Announce Successful Public Forum Series, BLM Initiates Next Step

October 8, 2010

AltaRock Energy and Davenport Newberry, partners in the Newberry EGS Demonstration, are excited to announce the successful outcome of a public forum series focused on the project.

Newberry Enhanced Geothermal Systems Demonstration

Newberry Enhanced Geothermal Systems Demonstration

The series of three public meetings, held throughout Deschutes County, Oregon, was aimed at facilitating dialogue with local and regional parties interested in the project. The AltaRock-Davenport partnership was able to provide accurate information and respond to concerns and feedback, most of which was positive and enthusiastic.

On the national level, those interested in the demonstration’s progress will be interested to learn that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was present at the third and final meeting. BLM representatives announced the bureau’s intention to initiate an Environmental Assessment (EA) of the project, one of the next steps in the demonstration’s overall development.

The BLM’s initiation of scoping for the Environmental Assessment is important for both the public and for the AltaRock-Davenport partnership which, along with the public, is eager to ensure a safe and successful demonstration with potential national benefit.

(For a full report of the forum’s outcome, read the official AltaRock Energy press release.)

The AltaRock-Davenport partnership looks forward to the next stage of the demonstration’s development, and hopes to begin Phase II of the project by the summer of 2011.

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    May 17, 2012 5:47 pm

    Great information 🙂

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